Tehnomont Marina Veruda live webcam

Tehnomont Marina Veruda live webcam
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Tehnomont Marina Veruda

For those looking for a perfect holiday destination to enjoy a fun and relaxing time on the water, Tehnomont Marina Veruda in Croatia is the place to go. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, this marina is one of Croatia’s most popular tourist attractions and offers a wide variety of activities to enjoy. From sailing and fishing, to scuba diving and watersports, Tehnomont Marina Veruda has something for everyone.

The marina has several hundred berths available, so visitors can choose to stay in their own boat or rent a vessel during their stay. There are also a variety of restaurants and bars located along the marina’s quayside, as well as a modern shopping centre.

For those who would like to explore the area, Tehnomont Marina Veruda has a wide range of activities to enjoy. From kayaking and paddle boarding, to jet skiing and windsurfing, this marina is the perfect place to have a great time on the water. Visitors can also choose to take a tour of the nearby islands, or even go on a fishing trip with one of the local charter boats.

One of the most unique features of Tehnomont Marina Veruda is the webcam that it offers. Located at the marina, the webcam provides a live stream of the marina and its surroundings, allowing visitors to get an up-close look of the stunning scenery. This feature also allows visitors to check the weather conditions before they set out to explore the area, ensuring that they have the best experience possible.

Tehnomont Marina Veruda is a great place to go for a relaxing holiday. With its wide variety of activities, stunning scenery, and live webcam, this marina is the perfect spot for a fun and memorable vacation. Whether you’re looking for a place to stay, something to do, or just a great view of the Mediterranean Sea, Tehnomont Marina Veruda is the perfect destination.


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Very good camera position.
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Wow! I could watch this forever!
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Beautiful city!

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