Grafskaya pier, Sevastopol Live Cam

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Grafskaya pier, Sevastopol

Live webcam is located at the Grafskaya Wharf in Sevastopol city. The camera in real time shows a view on the Propylaeum of Grafskaya Wharf and on Nakhimov Square in the heart of the hero city. On the far side of the broadcast the building of the Government of Sevastopol rises on Lenina Street, 2.

Grafskaya Wharf was built in 1783 and is a monument of history and architecture of the city of Sevastopol. The wharf is located in the center of the city, on the western shore of South Bay, on the square named after Admiral Nakhimov.

Video broadcast from the live webcam at Grafskaya Wharf in Sevastopol is carried out in real-time high-definition FullHD format.


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