Piazza Grande, Gubbio Live Cam

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Broadcast update date:11.02.2024
Webcam check date:22.02.2024

Piazza Grande, Gubbio

Live webcam shows the Piazza Grande Square of Gubbio in real time. The camera is mounted on a building in the south-eastern part of the square and is directed towards the Palazzo dei Consoli (it houses a museum and a pinacotheca). A pinacotheca was a picture gallery in either ancient Greece or ancient Rome.

The Palazzo dei Consoli is a complex of Piazza Grande and the Palazzo del Podesta, one of the most magnificent and daring achievements of medieval town planning. Implemented between 1332 and 1338 under the project of Angelo da Orvieto (whose name is indicated in the inscription on the monument's portal). This is one of the most beautiful buildings in Italy, the complex has a unitary character, which somehow anticipates the birth of a new Italian civilization. The Municipal Museum and Pinacotheca Komunale are in the halls of the majestic Palazzo dei Console.

A round-the-clock live broadcast from a webcam allows you to see Piazza Grande in real time.


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Hard to see. Wipe the lens. Thank you.
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Daniel Clark
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Works great!
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Well, finally put a good camera. Thank you! 🙏