Webcam on Cathedral Square of Orvieto, Italy

Webcam on Cathedral Square of Orvieto, Italy
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Webcam on Cathedral Square of Orvieto, Italy

Live webcam is installed on Cathedral Square of Orvieto in Italy and in real time broadcasts a view of the Orvieto Cathedral (a cathedral of the beginning of the 14th century with golden mosaics on the facade, known for its chapel with frescoes).

The Orvieto Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. The cathedral was built in honor of a miracle that happened in a church near the village of Bolsena. According to legend, a wandering priest doubted the reality of Transubstantiation. But in the cathedral of Orvieto, he found his guest so bleeding that she dyed the altar cloth. Now the cover is stored in the Chapel del Corporeale inside the cathedral. The church rises above the city on a volcanic formation. The facade is a classic religious building, containing design elements from the XIV to XX centuries, with a huge rose window, golden mosaics and three large bronze doors. Inside are two small chapels with frescoes by some of the best Italian masters of the time, depicting Doomsday. There are five bells of the Renaissance in the cathedral.


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Nice view!
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The most beautiful city on the planet, miss it.
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Thanks! 🙏 An indelible impression of the unique beauty!

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