Nevskiy Avenue, St. Petersburg Live Cam

Nevskiy Avenue, St. Petersburg Live Cam
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Nevskiy Avenue, St. Petersburg

Live webcam shows the panorama of Nevsky Avenue in Saint Petersburg. Nevsky Avenue is the main street of St. Petersburg.

Avenue stretched for 4,5 km from the Admiralty to the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. It crosses the Moika River (Green Bridge), Griboedov Canal (Kazan Bridge), Fontanka (Anichkov Bridge). The largest width is 60 m (near the Gostiny Dvor), the smallest - 25 m (in Moika).

The right side (odd) is unofficially called «shadow», even - «solar» (a popular place for walking). The area from the Vosstaniya Square to the Alexander Nevsky Lavra is also unofficially called the Staro-Nevsky Monastery (partly because in 1730s an attempt was made to straighten the highway along the current Goncharnaya and Teleznaya streets).


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