Crazy bicycle crossing, Amsterdam Live Cam

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Crazy bicycle crossing, Amsterdam

Live webcam shows the famous Red Light District in real time in the city of Amsterdam, North Holland, the Netherlands. The camera is installed in the quarter of De Wallen, which is the largest and most famous of the red light district in Amsterdam.

The webcam is aimed at one of Amsterdam's canals in De Wallen, on the bridge over this canal. A street cafe and an advertising curb are also in view of the camera. De Wallen, together with the Singelgebid and Röisdalkade quarters, together form Rosse Burt - the red light district of the city of Amsterdam. Moreover, De Wallen is the oldest and largest quarter.

Live webcam of the red light district of De Wallen is installed in such a way that viewers who watch live video from this webcam can not see all that is famous for this district. However, you can admire the beauty of the old town, boats in the canal. The webcam gives an opportunity to observe the tourists and the local inhabitants of Amsterdam who decided to visit the red light district.

Video broadcast from the live camera is in high definition HD format, in real time. There is a possibility to rewind the video broadcast for 4 hours.


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Guercia Fernanda
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Beauty is heaven!
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I love this webcam!
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Been to Amsterdam. The beauty 🙂