Mansur bear, Vorotynsk Live Cam

Mansur bear, Vorotynsk Live Cam
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Broadcast update date:22.02.2024
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Mansur bear, Vorotynsk

Live PTZ webcam of Mansur bear in the village of Vorotynsk, Babyninsky district of the Kaluga region of Russia. The camera in real time shows the spacious aviary in which the bear Mansur lives. An aviary with a bear is located on the territory of the Oreshkovo airfield. Inside the enclosure there are two dens and a section of forest. From spring to autumn, a large pool is filled for Mansur.

The name of the bear Mansur in translation from the Altai language into Russian means Michael.

The camera in the enclosure of a bear named Mansour works around the clock in real time. In the dark, the camera turns on infrared illumination and the image becomes black and white.


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