Black storks nest, Notecka Forest Live Cam

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Black storks nest, Notecka Forest

Live webcam is located near the nest of black storks in the Serakow Forest District in the forest of Notecka, Poland. The nest is located on the branches of an old dead dry oak, and the camera is installed on a nearby pine tree. According to the ornithologists who installed this live cam, the nest is very heavy, but this is not a problem, and the branches of the oak will withstand its weight.

The Notecka Forest covers forest inspection: Potzhebovice, Wronki, Kruch, Serakow, Oborniki, Karvin, Miedzychod and Skwierzyna. It is a large forest complex in the Gorzow Valley, occupying about 1,372 km² and covering the dune zone of the Vartsa-Varka interfluve. It extends more than 100 km from Santok and Skwierzyna in the west to Oborniki and Rogoshno in the east with an average width of 20 kilomters.

The webcam at the nest of black storks operates around the clock and allows you to observe the life of birds in real time. Video broadcasting is carried out in Full HD high definition with sound.


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