Osprey nest in Rutland county Live Cam

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Broadcast update date:11.02.2024
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Osprey nest in Rutland county

Live webcam broadcasts a view of the osprey nest in the English county of Rutland in real time. Nest is located on a tree on the shores of Manton Bay in the Rutland Water Nature Reserve. A pair of ospreys named Maya (female) and 33 (male) have been nesting here every year since 2015.

Rutland Water is a reservoir in the English county of Rutland. The area is ten square kilometers. The capacity is one hundred and twenty million cubic meters. Along with Kelder Water, Northumberland is one of the largest reservoirs in England. The Rutland Water Reservoir was built in 1976 on the Gwosh River in the Welland Basin between Oakham and Stamford.

The live webcam at the osprey nest in Rutland county works around the clock in real time and allows you to remotely observe the life of these birds of prey.


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Steven Henderson
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What beauty and tranquility!
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Paul Jefferson
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Edward Elric
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Cool camera. Cool project. Picture quality is top notch!