Webcam at bird feeders in Recke, Germany live webcam

Webcam at bird feeders in Recke, Germany live webcam
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Webcam at bird feeders in Recke, Germany

The small village of Recke, Germany, is home to a variety of wildlife, including an abundance of birds. In an effort to bring this wildlife closer to the people of the town and to give nature lovers the chance to observe these birds in their natural habitat, the local government has recently installed an online webcam at one of the bird feeders in the area.

The webcam, which is accessible from any internet-connected device, is positioned in such a way that viewers can observe the birds from both close and far away. It is located at a bird feeder which is situated in the middle of a small forest and is surrounded by tall trees and bushes. The feeder is regularly filled with food, which has attracted a number of different species of birds, including robins, blackbirds, thrushes, and more.

The webcam provides a great opportunity for viewers to observe the birds in their natural environment, as the feeder is often visited by up to 20 different species. The birds can be seen coming and going, eating, and interacting with each other. Viewers can even spot the occasional predator, such as a hawk or an owl, as they hunt for food.

The webcam also provides viewers with the chance to learn more about the birds they are observing. For example, viewers can learn about the bird’s behavior, diet, and migration patterns. This is especially useful for birdwatchers who are looking to identify a specific species.

Overall, the webcam at the bird feeder in Recke, Germany, is a great way for nature lovers to observe birds in their natural habitat. It is a great way to learn more about the different species of birds in the area and to appreciate their beauty and grace.


Avatar of Jonathan Couper
00:00 00.00.2022
New very interesting feeders. Thank you!
Avatar of KateWalker87
00:00 00.00.2022
Oh my god, this is my favorite camera! I love to observe life abroad, even if it is the life of birds ;-)
Avatar of Diana23
00:00 00.00.2022
Great webcam! The picture is amazingly clear! Thank you!
Avatar of SandaiKitetsu
00:00 00.00.2022
For several days now, it has been difficult to view the camera. Bad signal transmission.
Avatar of Patricia Wood
00:00 00.00.2022
Where can I see records from yesterday?

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