Black storks nest, Lodz Voivodeship Live Cam

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Black storks nest, Lodz Voivodeship

Live webcam broadcasts a view of the nest of black storks in real time. The infrared camera is installed on a tree in a wild forest in the Lodz Voivodeship of Poland. The exact coordinates of the nest are kept secret by the authors of the broadcast.

The black stork (Ciconia nigra) is a very rare inhabitant of Polish forests, it leads a secretive lifestyle. The educational project «Black Storks Online», implemented since 2016, is designed to reveal the secrets of life of this species. Live streaming of these rare birds from a webcam at the nest is a joint project of the Regional Office of State Forests in Lodz and the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection of the University of Lodz, an innovative project in Poland and one of the few of its kind in Europe. In 2016 and 2017, the Committee for the Conservation of Eagles also participated in it.

Please note that bird watchers deliberately try to interfere with the fate of the black stork family as little as possible. Thus, Internet users can see scenes during the online broadcast, which are usually perceived as dramatic (the struggle of adult storks for the nest, the destruction of eggs, the death of chicks due to attacks by predators, diseases or other reasons). However, birdwatchers admit the possibility of temporary intervention in a situation where, for example, there are ropes on the nest, which can cause damage or death to the storks. But experts must be sure that visiting the nest by a person to remove threads and ropes will not lead to a refusal to incubate eggs by adult birds. Therefore, in practice, bird watchers cannot intervene during the incubation phase of eggs and young chicks.

Broadcast from an online webcam at the nest of black storks in the Lodz Voivodeship in Poland is carried out around the clock in real time.


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