Osprey nest, Lipka, Poland Live Cam

Osprey nest, Lipka, Poland Live Cam
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Broadcast update date:11.02.2024
Webcam check date:19.07.2024
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Osprey nest, Lipka, Poland

Live webcam installed at the nest of the Osprey in the forest area Lipka in Poland. With this webcam, you can monitor the life of birds of prey in real time. The nest is located on a high-voltage power line pylon.

At night, the nest is illuminated by weak infrared light (invisible to birds). The webcam image at this time becomes black and white. Infrared illumination allows you to see how the osprey behave in the nest in the dark.

This live video broadcast is the first broadcast from the osprey's nest in Poland. The organizers of the installation of this webcam want to allow viewers from around the world not only to watch one of the rarest species of predators, but also to let them understand the role of the osprey in nature.

A 24-hour broadcast from the osprey's nest in Poland is carried out in Full HD high-definition in real-time.


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