Ponte delle Guglie bridge, Venice Live Cam

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Ponte delle Guglie bridge, Venice

Live webcam shows a view of the Ponte delle Guglie bridge in Venice, Italy. The camera is installed at the Hotel Filu, which is located north of the bridge. The Ponte delle Guglie (the «bridge of spiers») is one of the two bridges of Venice across the Cannaregio Canal. It is located near the western end of the Cannaregio Canal, next to the Venezia Santa Lucia train station. The bridge itself is located directly in front of the point where the Cannaregio Canal flows into the Grand Canal, right inside the bend leading to the Rialto Bridge.

The Ponte delle Guglie bridge is the only stone bridge in Venice with obelisks (guille) in the corners. In 1285, a wooden bridge was built on this site, replaced in 1580 with a stone one. The current bridge was built in 1777.


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What a pleasure to watch.
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Steven Henderson
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I love this webcam!
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Sophia Norton
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Well done! I want more webcams. I think it is useful for the development of tourism!. Place cameras in the most interesting places. Good luck!