Santa Maria Formosa square webcam

Santa Maria Formosa square webcam
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Santa Maria Formosa square webcam

Webcam shows a view of the Piazza Santa Maria Formosa and its Church in Venice (Italy). The camera is installed on the building of the «Ruzzini Palace Hotel».

The Church of Santa Maria Formosa built in 1492 on the site of the ancient Church on the project of Mauro Codussi. Architectural features include convex cream of the apse, a grotesque mask at the foot of the bell tower — one of the many Baroque details of the Church.

The Church contains several masterpieces of the Venetian school of painting. Chief among them is the altarpiece "St. Barbara with the saints" for the work of Palma Il Vecchio. This work is considered among the artist's best. Another masterpiece is the triptych of the "Madonna Misericordia" the work of Bartolomeo Vivarini. He created this work in 1473 at the expense of the Church congregation.


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Expensive tickets... 😕 but I'll save up and go there 🙂
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Hooray! Thanks a lot! Now it shows great.
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Can I increase the resolution of the camera?

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