Live Cams in Zeeland

Zeeland, Netherlands

The province of Zeeland, in the Netherlands, is composed of peninsulas, islands and a part of the mainland bordering Belgium named Zeelandic Flanders, on the south-west of the country. Zeeland occupies the large delta of the Scheldt (Schelde) and Maas (Meuse) rivers.  The province is a tourist destination mainly for its beaches, interesting towns and the seafood especially oysters and mussels. Other attractions are the Delta Works, consisting of structures such as dams and dikes to protect the lands from the sea. Examples of these are Oosterscheldekering, between the islands of Schouwen-Duiveland and Noord-Beveland, and Veerse Meer, a lagoon separated from the North Sea in 1961 - Here you will find nature reserves and recreation with Delta Marina offering sailing facilities. The capital, Middelburg, has a wealthy history shown on its exquisite buildings such as the Town Hall on a large square, which marks the charming city centre. Population: over 380 inhabitantsCapital: Middelburg Other major cities: Vlissingen, Goes, TerneuzenMain attractions: Delta Works, Mussel and Oyster farming in Yerseke, Vlissingen Boulevard, Lake Veere, Mini Mundi park, Flood museum, Zeeuws Museum, Middelburg Abbey, Oosterschelde National Park, Film by the Sea festivalNearest airports: Antwerp International Airport, Belgium (ANR – Internationale Luchthaven Antwerpen), Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTM - Vliegveld Zestienhoven) Watch this impressive province in real time on Webcamtaxi, your webcam-sharing platform!