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Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Rio Grande do Sul is the southernmost state of Brazil sharing borders with the state of Santa Catarina in the north, Uruguay in the south, Argentina in the west and northwest and the Atlantic Ocean in the east. The mountainous region of Serra Gaúcha (Gaucho Highlands) is a tourist destination in the northeast part of the state. In the nationals parks you will find outstanding canyons, dense forests, waterfalls and wildlife. There are incredible tourist routes to explore in Serra Gaúcha such as the Rota Romântica and the wine tasting Rota da Uva e o Vinho. There are wonderful mountain resort towns including Gramado with the delightful Blake Lake, and Canela with the famous Cathedral of Stone in English Gothic, voted one of the Seven Wonders of Brazil in 2010. The state capital, Porto Alegre, is an important port city and a vibrant metropolis on the eastern shore of Lake Guaíba. The natives of Rio Grande do Sul are usually called “gaúchos”.Population: over 11 million inhabitantsCapital: Porto AlegreOther major cities: Caxias do Sul, Pelotas, Canoas, Santa Maria, Gravataí, Viação, Novo Hamburgo, São Leopoldo, Rio GrandeMain attractions: Porto Alegre, Serra Gaúcha scenic routes: Rota Romântica, Caminhos da Colônia and Rota da Uva e do Vinho, São Miguel das Missões Jesuit mission ruins, Canela (city), Gramado (city) Aparados da Serra National Park, Serra Geral National Park, Oceanographic Museum "Prof. Eliezer C. Rios", Marinheiros Island (Island of the Sailors), beaches Major Airports: Salgado Filho International Airport (POA - Aeroporto Internacional Salgado Filho), Comandante Gustavo Kraemer International Airport (BGX - Aeroporto Internacional Comandante Gustavo Kraemer)