Foros sanatorium, Crimea Live Cam

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Broadcast update date:11.02.2024
Webcam check date:22.02.2024

Foros sanatorium, Crimea

Live PTZ webcam of the Foros sanatorium in real time shows different views of Foros settlement in Crimea: Foros Park, Foros Beach, Parus Rock, Foros Church, Black Sea.

In one of the positions, webcam shows the famous Foros monument Iron Man or Naked Alyosha. The sculpture was cast in Sevastopol city at the Marine Plant in 1967. Unfortunately, till now the sculpture has remained very badly: storm waves and salt water constantly destroy it.

Webcam shows Foros park from the height of the main building of the sanatorium. This landscaped park of 70 hectares was founded in 1834. In the central part of the Foros Park, which is titled «Paradise Corner», a picturesque cascade of reservoirs is arranged. The park in Foros is a monument of landscape architecture and is protected by law.

Online web camera of the Foros sanatorium is installed on the roof of the main building by address: 298690, Russia, Crimea, Yalta, Foros, Forossky Spusk Street 1.


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