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Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Taoyuan City (桃園市) is an administrative unit in Taiwan, situated in the northwest part of the country. Taoyuan borders Yilan County, Hsinchu County, New Taipei City and the South China Sea to the west and northwest. Taoyuan City is one of the largest metropolitan areas in Taiwan, featuring many industrial parks and technology company headquarters. The special municipality offers stunning parks and landscapes including Xiao Wulai Scenic Area, lakes and reservoirs such as Shihmen Dam, a beautiful coastline, nigh markets, a few historical landmarks and traditional villages.Population: about 2.7 million inhabitantsSeat: Taoyuan District Main attractions: Taoyuan Martyrs' Shrine, At-Taqwa Mosque, Cihu Mausoleum, Daxi Old Street, Shihmen Reservoir, Longtan Tourist Pond, Window on China Theme Park, Xiaowulai Skywalk, Zhongli Tourist Night Market, Hutoushan Park, Daxi Blooming Oasis, Yongan Fishing Harbor, Republic of Chocolate museum Nearest Airports: Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE - 臺灣桃園國際機場)