Live Cams in Central Java

Central Java, Indonesia

The province of Central Java (Jawa Tengahis) is situated in the middle of the island of Java, Indonesia. Its is bordered, in the island, by East Java and West Java, the Java Sea baths the north coast and the Indian Ocean baths the south part. An Indonesian icon is situated in the city of Magelang - the world's largest Buddhist temple - Borobudur, from the 9th-century. Many Hindu and Buddhist temples can be seen in Central Java, being one of the oldest the Demak Great Mosque. Besides the cultural tourism, this province has many natural attractions such as mountains where you can climb and camp, forests, great beaches and caves. The capital Semarang is a modern city known for the Dutch colonial architecture and the Chinese temple Sam Poo Kong.Population: 33.753 millionCapital: Semarang Other major cities: Demak, Grobogan, Kendal, Purwokerto, Pekalongan, Surakarta, Tegal, Magelang,KebumenMain attractions: Borobudur, Plaosan Complex, Prambanan Temples, Cetho Temple, Museum Batik Danar Hadi, Lawang Sewu Building, Central Java Grand Mosque, Mendut Temple and Monastery, Karimunjawa National Park, Lapangan, Sam Poo Kong,  "Pancasila" Simpang Lima, House Of Danar Hadi, Dieng Plateau, Mount MerapiMajor Airports: Ahmad Yani International Airport (SRG - Bandar Udara Internasional Ahmad Yani); Adi Sumarmo International Airport (SOC)