Koktebel, Crimea Live Cam

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Koktebel, Crimea

Live webcam is installed in Koktebel in Crimea and shows views of the bay, the Black Sea and Kara-Dag mountain in real time. On video broadcasts from a webcam, you can also see part of the Koktebel beach and the promenade, Yunge Street and Morskaya Street.

Koktebel is a resort settlement in the south-east of Crimea. Included in the urban district of Feodosia.

Karadag is an ancient extinct volcano that operated about 150 million years ago, located near Koktebel, in the territory of the Feodosia region of Crimea, on the shore of the Black Sea. The maximum height is 577 meters (Holy Mountain). The name Kara-Dag is translated from Turkish and Crimean Tatar into Russian as «black mountain».

Watch live webcam in Koktebel round the clock in real time.


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