Greater spotted eagle's nest, Estonia Live Cam

Greater spotted eagle's nest, Estonia Live Cam
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Greater spotted eagle's nest, Estonia

Live webcam shows the greater spotted eagle's nest in real time. The camera is installed in a wild forest in Harjumaa county in Estonia. The exact location of the nest and webcam is not advertised, so that tourists do not disturb the birds. The great spotted eagle is a bird of prey of the hawk family.

In Europe, the greater spotted eagle is in the worst position in comparison with other eagles. These birds nest in the countries of Eurasia from Finland, Poland, Hungary and Romania to Mongolia, China and Pakistan. In Russia it is found from Kaliningrad to Primorye. The greater spotted eagle hibernates in India, Iran and Indochina.

The greater spotted eagle nests on trees in mixed forests, as well as near floodplain meadows, marshes, rivers and lakes. The same bird nest can be used for several years in a row.

The greater spotted eagle feed on rodents, reptiles, amphibians and small birds. On this live webcam it is easy to see how the greater spotted eagles eat in this forest and how they feed their chicks.

Laying eggs in the nest female begins in May. Masonry includes from 1 to 3 variegated eggs, but most often consists of 2 eggs. Eggs are not deposited at the same time. The chicks hatch from the eggs 40 days after the incubation began. The youngest chick survives rarely, because is subjected to persecution by the senior chick. After 8-9 weeks after hatching, the chicks stand on the wing and make their first flight. For wintering, the big eagles fly away in September or October.

In this nest for several years in a row both chicks survive safely.

The live web camera at the greater spotted eagle's Nest operates around the clock in high-definition Full HD. Video broadcasts with sound, in real time.


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