North View, Haus des Meeres

North View, Haus des Meeres
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North View, Haus des Meeres

Welcome to North View, the Haus des Meeres online webcam in Austria! Located at the heart of Vienna, this live streaming camera gives you a unique view of the city and its stunningly beautiful surroundings. With our live stream, you can experience breathtaking panoramic views from atop one of Vienna's highest points. Enjoy watching as boats sail along the Danube River or take in majestic sunsets over the Alps. Whether it’s day or night, North View offers an incredible perspective on life in Austria that can only be found here. Get ready for a truly unforgettable experience with our online webcam – come visit us today!


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00:00 00.00.2022
A great immersion in the bustle of the city 🙂
00:00 00.00.2022
A very good quality
Avatar of Paul Jefferson
00:00 00.00.2022
Why hasn't the camera been working...

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