Live webcams in Yamanashi Prefecture

Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan

Yamanashi Prefecture is an administrative region of Japan, situated on the island of Honshu. In Yamanashi Prefecture you will find numerous high mountains, with Japan’s tallest mountain Mount Fuji, partially situated in this region. This region is a popular tourist destination for its natural scenery, cultural sites, temples, highland resorts and numerous hot springs called onsens. The capital city, Kōfu, is beautifully surrounded by mountains with Mount Fuji in the south. Kōfu is the centre of Japan’s wine production, with wineries open to the public. In the city you will also see old temples and nearby picturesque natural areas namely Nishizawa Keikoku valley and Mitake Shosenkyo Gorge. The live webcams of Yamanashi will show you around this stunning region, very popular for hiking and with splendid outdoor escapes, as well as culturally rich cities and towns.Population: over 817 thousand people Capital: Kōfu Other major cities: Kai, Fuefuki, Minami-AlpsMain attractions: Mount Fuji, Fuji Five Lakes region, Kiyosato highland resort, Senga Falls, Kuon-ji temple, Mount MinobuNearest Airports: Narita International Airport (NRT - 成田国際空), Tokyo International Airport (HND - 東京国際空港)