Live Cams in Ōita Prefecture

Ōita Prefecture, Japan

The live webcams will show you around Ōita Prefecture (大分県), a Japanese administrative division on the island of Kyushu.Ōita Prefecture is well-known for its hot springs, known as onsen, and its ryokan, traditional inns in Japan, particularly in and around the city of Beppu. Apart from Beppu and other smaller towns, the prefecture's capital, Ōita, is located in Beppu Bay. This city, which was once an important gateway to the West, contains religious and European artefacts, the Oita Christian Memorial Park, and a wealth of museums. Among the city's attractions are the Oita Marine Palace Aquarium "Umitamago," the Oita Funai Castle Ruins, Black Beach, the Sano Botanical Garden, and golf courses. The scenic Yufugawacanyon and Oike Spring can be found in the nearby city of Kufu. In the city of Kitsuki, you can visit samurai residences in two picturesque preserved samurai districts.Population: approximately 1,4 million people Capital: Ōita Other major cities: Beppu, Nakatsu, SaikiMain attractions: Hells of Beppu, Oita Marine Palace Aquarium "Umitamago", Mount YufuNearest Airports: Oita Airport (OIT - 大分空港)