White-Tailed Eagle nest, Danube-Ipoly National Park Live Cam

White-Tailed Eagle nest, Danube-Ipoly National Park Live Cam
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Broadcast update date:11.02.2024
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White-Tailed Eagle nest, Danube-Ipoly National Park

Live webcam shows a nest of white-tailed eagle in Danube-Ipoly National Park, Hungary. This nest camera gives an insight of the life of a white-tailed eagle couple. The installation took place in an alluvial forest in the operational area of the Danube-Ipoly National Park Directorate.

This spectacular bird of prey became almost extinct in Hungary in the middle of the last century due to river bed regulation and its population decreased to 15 breeding pairs. Fortunately conservation efforts changed their situation and today we count around 200 breeding pairs with a growing trend.

Even though white-tailed eagles became protected by the law, the illegal poisoning and uninsulated electric wires are still decimating them. They are also very sensible to human disturbance: the surrounding of the nest needs complete tranquility from December till July. In some cases they lay their eggs in December and the fledgelings normally leave the nest in June-July.

The live bcam at the white-tailed eagle nest in Danube-Ipoly National Park is working in real time in high definition HD.


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