Live webcams in Halland

Halland, Sweden

Halland County (Hallands län), in southwestern Sweden, belongs to the province with the same name and is bathed by the Kattegat Sea. It is a calm län of green landscapes, whose lagoons and rivers (the Nissan River being the largest) embellish the capital, Halmstad. This city has a stretch of coastline towards the Bay of Laholm, known to be very abundant in fish (coming from rivers), thus making fishing at the seafront a popular sport in the county. Can you imagine that the pop rock duo Roxette and the metalcore band Sonic Syndicate came from this quiet land? Yes, this county also has a recreational side – there is a well-reviewed ski resort, a skatepark, a golf club, a water park… Let’s see what else you can find on these online cameras.Population: approximately 300,000Capital: HalmstadOther urban areas: Varberg, Falkenberg, Kungsbacka, OnsalaMain attractions: Bay of Laholm, Halmstad Adventure Land, Vallåsen Ski Resort, Wapnö CastleNearest Airports: Halmstad City Airport (HAD)