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Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan

Kagoshima Prefecture encompasses the southern end of Japan's southernmost main island, Kyushu, as well as the northern group of the Ryukyu Islands known as the Satsunan Islands. The Mainland consists of two large peninsulas formed by Kagoshima Bay and stretches from the Ariake Sea in the east to the Pacific Ocean coast in the west. Kagoshima, the capital city, has a long coastline on Kagoshima Bay, where there is a peninsula with the Sakurajima volcano, a distinctive landmark of the city.Visitors can enjoy a variety of attractions along the coast, including the Kagoshima City Aquarium, Shiroyama Park, and the traditional Japanese garden Sengan-en. This region is an ideal destination for nature lovers, as it offers diverse natural areas such as forests, mountains, and waterfalls, which can be explored through beautiful walking routes. Among the famous attractions in the region is Jōmon Sugi, a huge and ancient cedar located on Yakushima Island, estimated to be between 2,170 and 7,200 years old. Part of Yakushima Island is, in fact, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, encompassing a vast cedar forest containing some of Japan's oldest living trees.Visitors to Kagoshima Prefecture can enjoy the warm climate on the region's white sand beaches, found both on the mainland and on the gorgeous islands. There is a unique experience of hot steam sand baths on geothermally heated beaches in Ibusuki City.The live webcams will show you some of the most beautiful sights in Kagoshima, Japan.Population: approximately 1,6 million peopleCapital: Kagoshima Other major cities: Kirishima, Kanoya, SatsumasendaiMain attractions: Sengan-en Japanese garden, Sakurajima volcano, Shiratani Unsui Gorge, Kirishima-Jingū shrine, Yakushima Island Major airports: Kagoshima Airport (KOJ -鹿児島空港)