Live Cams in Aosta Valley

Aosta Valley, Italy

Aosta Valley (Valle d'Aosta, Val d’Aosta; Vallée d'Aoste;) is a bilingual region of Italy situated in the northwest part of the country, sharing borders with France and Switzerland.This region in the Western Alps is famed for the alpine peaks of Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, Gran Paradiso and Matterhorn. This last one is a pyramidal peak straddling the border between Italy and Switzerland, a popular destination for climbing and mountain excursions. Mont Blanc is a well-known destination for hiking, climbing, trail running and winter sports. It is the highest mountain in Western Europe reaching 4,810 metres or 15,780 feet above sea level. The capital city of the same, Aosta, is one of the cities in Italy with more Roman landmarks still visible such as the Arch of Augustus, the town walls and the gateway Porta Praetoria. In Aosta you will also find magnificent historic buildings including the Sant’Orso priory and Aosta Cathedral.The city is near Gran Paradiso National Park and ski resorts. Discover the live webcams around the Aosta Valley area.Population: approximately Capital: AostaOther major towns: Sarre, Chatillon, Saint-Vincent, QuartPopular attractions: Breuil-Cervinia ski resort (Mount Cervino, Matterhorn), Pointe Helbronner (Mont Blanc), Gran Paradiso, Fort Bard, Fénis Castle Nearest Airports: Aosta Valley Airport (AOT - Aeroporto della Valle d'Aosta, Aéroport de la Vallée d'Aoste)