Tsemes Bay, Novorossiysk Live Cam

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Broadcast update date:11.02.2024
Webcam check date:20.02.2024

Tsemes Bay, Novorossiysk

Live webcam broadcasts a view of the Black Sea Tsemes Bay, the sea terminal and Mira Street in Novorossiysk city in Russia in real time. The current weather conditions in the city are displayed in the lower right corner of the live broadcast. In the central part of the frame, the cruiser Mikhail Kutuzov is clearly visible, behind which is located the naval station Novorossiysk. On the right of the cruiser is Forumnaya Square with a fountain and Admiral Serebryakov Embankment.

At night, you can see the lights of Kabardinka town in the background of the video broadcast.

Online webcam with a view of the Tsemes Bay in Novorossiysk is installed in the Central District of the city and works around the clock. Live broadcast from the webcam is in real time in high definition Full HD. Video player allows you to enjoy the beauty of Tsemes bay on any device. If necessary, you can rewind the broadcast up to twelve hours ago and watch the recording.


Avatar of restLife
00:00 00.00.2022
I want to live there!! What beauty and peace!!
Avatar of Alex 007
00:00 00.00.2022
Hooray! The camera in Novorossiysk is working! Thank you!
Avatar of Makarov25
00:00 00.00.2022
I dream of visiting this place.