Baie de St Jean, Saint Barthelemy Live Cam

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Broadcast update date:11.02.2024
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Baie de St Jean, Saint Barthelemy

Live webcam shows the bay of Saint-Jean, the city of Gustavia on the island of Saint Barthelemy (the overseas community of France) in real time. The camera is directed to the north-eastern shore of the Bay of Saint-Jean and the «Eden Rock St Barths» hotel, which is located on a small rock, outstanding in the sea. In the right part of the broadcast you can see the beach de Saint Jean.

Live camera allows you to watch the city of Gustavia in real time and assess current weather conditions. Saint Barthelemy is located in the area through which tropical hurricanes pass, and the webcam gives an opportunity to see for yourself how the island takes a hit of the storm during a hurricane.

The round-the-clock video broadcast from the webcam of St. Jean Bay is in high definition format. You can watch live camera from personal computers or from smartphones and tablets.


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