Live Cams in Zakarpattia Oblast

Zakarpattia Oblast, Ukraine

Zakarpattia Oblast (Закарпатська область) is situated in the southwestern part of Ukraine. The territory is mostly integrated in the Carpathian Mountains, which are the main tourist attraction in this region for skiing, spa or thermal water resorts. The landscapes in this region are mostly forest with a few water bodies in high altitude, such as Lake Nesamovyte, located 1,750 metres above sea level.Zakarpattia Oblast has a heritage of cultural diversity since it used to belong to Hungary until World War I, and it still has considerable ethnic minorities.Population: over 1.25 millionCapital: UzhhorodMajor other cities: Mukachevo, Khust, VynohradivMain attractions: Uzhhorod Castle, Khust Regional History Museum, Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life (Uzhhorod), Palanok Castle, Holy Cross Cathedral, Lake Synevyr, Carpathian Biosphere ReserveMajor airports: Uzhhorod International Airport (UDJ - Міжнародний аеропорт «Ужгород»)Find out more about this greenish region, live on our webcam-sharing platform.