Live webcams in Tokat

Tokat, Turkey

The live webcams will take you to Tokat Province (Tokat ili), situated in northern Turkey, in the Black Sea region. Its neighbouring provinces are Ordu to the northeast, Sivas to the southeast, Yozgat to the southwest and Amasya to the northwest. In the province's capital of the same name, Tokat, you will see the hilltop Tokat Castle, a magnificent landmark on a rocky peak that was once a citadel with 28 towers. The famous Transylvanian prince Vlad the Impaler, also known as Vlad Dracula, is said to have been imprisoned in its dungeons. In the city, you should also visit the Tokat Museum and admire the various historical buildings and monuments from various cultural influences and eras, including the Ottoman and Seljuq periods.Tokat Province's towns include Zile, where you can see the site of the Battle of Zela, fought in 47 BC between Julius Caesar and Pharnaces II, and Erbaa, which is beautifully set by the Kelkit River and amid the Erbaa plain.Population: approximately 613 thousand people Capital: TokatOther major cities: Erbaa, Niksar, Zile, TurhalMain attractions: Tokat Castle, Ballıca Cave, Kaz Lake, Mahperi Hatun Caravanserai, Zile Kalesi (fortress)Nearest Airports: Tokat Airport (TJK - Tokat Havalimanı)