Live Cams in Taitung County

Taitung County, Taiwan

Taitung County is situated on the southeast coast of Taiwan, at the Beinan River basin, in the must-see East Rift Valley, and facing the Philippine Sea. The county offers spectacular scenery both on the coast as well as inland, including mountain and valley areas. In fact, the region is known for its natural wonders in parks and forests, its distinctive shores and beaches. In Taitung County you will also encounter significant historical and archaeological sites, and features of aboriginal cultures namely at Torik Visitor Center within the breathtaking East Coast National Scenic Area. View the live webcams to virtually visit these beautiful places.The county’s capital, Taitung City, has an abundance of tourist attractions, yet just the scenery would be worth a visit. You may explore the stunning Taitung Forest Park, the seaside, the museums, and interesting venues such as Tiehua Music Village. From the city, it is worth taking a ferry or a boat to the islands off the coast.Population: more than 220 thousand peopleCapital: Taitung City Urban Townships: Chenggong Township, Guanshan TownshipMain attractions: Sanxiantai Arch Bridge, Taitung Forest Park, Beinan Cultural Park, Xiaoyeliu Nature Reserve, Lisong Hot Spring, Mr. Brown Boulevard, Duoliang train station, Luye Highland Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival, Zhaori Saltwater Hot Spring (Green Island), Orchid IslandNearest Airports: Taitung Airport (TTT - 臺東機場)