Live webcams in Penghu County

Penghu County, Taiwan

The live webcams will take you to Penghu, also known as the Pescadores Islands, a historical archipelago made up of 90 islands and islets in the Taiwan Strait between China and Taiwan in Asia.The entire archipelago is part of Penghu County in Taiwan Province, Republic of China, with its seat at Magong, the major city on Penghu's main island. Phenghu, which offers relaxing tropical island holidays, is also an exciting destination with its rich culture and history. The county is home to amazing attractions and landmarks, including 183 elaborated temples and rustic villages, such as the well-preserved Erkan Historical Village. Most of the islands of the archipelago are within the Penghu National Scenic Area, where you'll find paradisiacal sand beaches such as Shanshui Beach, stunning sea views, very rich marine life, and geological attractions as the wave-cut platform Whale Cave.Population: approximately 102 thousand people Capital: MagongOther major places: Baisha, Huxi, XiyuMain attractions: Magong Ancient City, Daguoye Columnar Basalt, Twin Hearts Stone Weir, Penghu Great Bridge/ Penghu Trans-Oceanic BridgeNearest Airports: Penghu Airport (MZG)