Live webcams in Changhua County

Changhua County, Taiwan

The online cameras will take you on a tour of Changhua County, which is located on Taiwan's central-west coast, facing the Taiwan Strait.
Its capital is Changhua City, which is part of the Taichung-Changhua metropolitan area. This city has a plethora of tourist attractions, including temples, landmarks, and cultural sites.One of the most visited monuments is the giant Buddha statue, known as the Baguashan Great Buddha. Tourists in Changhua City also enjoy visiting the Changhua Roundhouse, the country's last remaining railway roundhouse.
Lukang Township is another recommended destination in the county, with the magnificent Lukang Longshan Temple and, for art enthusiasts, the Lukang Folk Arts Museum and Lukang Artist Village.
Among the towns of Changhua County there are numerous vegetable-growing townships, such as Xihu Township, and many of them offer special foods that you can sample as you travel through this beautiful county in Taiwan.Population: 1.3 million people Capital: Changhua CityOther major cities: YuanlinMain attractions: Great Buddha on Baguashan, Temple of Confucius, Lukang Old Street, Bagua Plateau Nearest Airport: Taichung International Airport (RMQ - 臺中國際機場)