Live Cams in Norrbotten

Norrbotten, Sweden

Norrbotten is a northern Swedish county or län bordering Norway (northwest) and Finland (northeast). It has the particularity of having a special integration of different cultures, apart from Swedish-speaking settlers, and languages –Finnish and Sami have official status in a few locations of the county.Norrbotten’s landscapes are enchanting – mountains covered with snow, plenty of forest areas and parks, the coastline to the Gulf of Bothnia and large watercourses. Lakes can be seen here and there, intensifying the winter-like scenery. Luleå, the capital, has a significant steel industry and is known for being a hub in research and information technology.Population: Over 248,000 inhabitantsCapital: Luleå (Lul, Leul or Leol; Luleju)Other (major cities): Piteå, BodenMain attractions: Aurora Sky Station, Sarek National Park, Sjöfallet, RiksgränsenNearest Airports: Luleå Airport (LLA), Arvidsjaur Airport (AJR)