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Province of Pontevedra, Spain

The Province of Pontevedra is situated in the southern part of Galicia, along the Atlantic coast of Spain. The administrative centre is at the city of Pontevedra, featuring an impressive old town and the Gothic Santa María la Mayor Basilica. Another major city in the province is Vigo, set along the Vigo Estuary, at the beautiful area of Rías Baixas (meaning "lower estuaries"), known for its white wines and abundance of seafood.In the province of Pontevedra, you will also find stunning islands namely the Cies Islands.Population: approximately 441 thousand peopleCapital: PontevedraOther major cities: VigoMain attractions: Pontevedra, Vigo, Cíes Islands, Ons Islands, Island of Sculptures (Illa das Esculturas), Rías Baixas (estuarine inlets) Nearest Airports: Vigo Airport (VGO - Aeropuerto de Vigo), Santiago de Compostela Airport (SCQ - Aeropuerto de Santiago de Compostela)Check out our live streams to see the best spots around Province of the Pontevedra!