Live webcams in Ilfov

Ilfov, Romania

Ilfov is a county of Romania, which completely surrounds Bucharest, the country's capital. This county is a favoured holiday destination as well as a weekend gateway for people living in Bucharest. It offers many beautiful areas including forests, rivers and lakes that you may discover through the interesting live webcams in Ilfov.Among the recreation options there are plenty of fishing spots such as in the delightful village of Moara Vlăsiei, and activities at Edenland Park. Ilfov also features exquisite historical landmarks including monasteries and palaces. As a scenic destination adjacent to Bucharest, this county has no shortage of accommodation throughout the fascinating towns and villages, and it is home to the well-known Therme Bucharest wellness centre!Population: estimated 389 thousand peopleCapital: BucharestOther major cities: Buftea, Pantelimon, Popești-Leordeni, Voluntari Main attractions: Snavog forest, Snavog Monastery, Mogoșoaia Palace, Monastery Caldarusani, Stirbey Domain, Therme BucureștiNearest Airports: Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport (OPT - Aeroportul Internațional Henri Coandă București)