Live webcams in Sør-Varanger

Sør-Varanger, Norway

Sør-Varanger is a municipality in Finnmark County and is the only place in Norway that has a land border with Russia (Storskog is the only legal border crossing station). With approximately 10 thousand inhabitants, Kirkenes Town is the administrative centre. Kirkenes Airport, Høybuktmoen is the main airport, located 10 km from Kirkenes.Sør means ‘south’ while ‘Varanger’ derives from the name of the Varangerfjorden, with the first part of the name meaning ‘fishing village’ and the second part meaning ‘fjord’.Fishing salmon and contemplating the midnight sun, the northern lights and the polar night are among the most popular leisure activities, together with watching live webcam streaming, of course! And for a different accommodation experience, why not try the Kirkenes Snowhotel?