Live Cams in Nordland

Nordland, Norway

The county of Nordland, in Norway, is located along the north coast to Norwegian Sea, also comprising many islands just off the coast. Three traditional districts compose Nordland: Ofoten in the northeast, Salten in the centre, and Helgeland, south of the Arctic Circle, where most of Nordland’s population is located. This county has an irregular coastline, glaciers as Svartisen, plenty of fjords, inlets and lakes, as well as diverse landscapes, as high mountains and lowlands. The sea in Nordland is very rich in fish, having the largest deep-water coral reef in the world. The islands have nature for all tastes, from mountains to hike, fish to catch or kayaking. Bodø Port, in the capital, links the Lofoten Islands by ferry. Find out more about this impressive county in Norway through our live webcam sharing.Population: around 242 thousandCapital: BodøOther urban centres: Vesterålen archipelago, Brønnøy, SømnaMain attractions: fishing, whale watching, hiking, surfing and rock climbing on the Lofoten islands, Vega Archipelago, midnight sun, Saltfjellet-Svartisen, Rago and Lomsdal–Visten national parks, Norwegian Fishing Village Museum, Trollfjord, Bodø PortNearest Airports: Bodø Airport (BOO - Bodø lufthavn), Leknes Airport (LKN - Leknes lufthavn)