Live Cams in Flevoland

Flevoland, Netherlands

The province of Flevoland is situated in central Netherlands, sharing borders with Utrecht and North Holland in the southwest, Friesland in the north and Overijssel in the northeast. To the northwest are the lakes Markermeer and IJsselmeer. Most of the province is reclaimed land from the Zuidersee, except for a few islands namely where it is now the town Urk. In Flevoland visitors can enjoy nature preserves, museums, beaches and interesting towns such as the capital Lelystad, where you will find the Batavialand museum to better understand more about the province’s history of land reclamation. Discover some of the best attractions through the live webcams in the Province of FlevolandPopulation: more than 420 thousand peopleCapital: LelystadOther major cities: Almere Main attractions: Nationaal Luchtvaart-Themapark Aviodrome (aerospace museum), Batavialand, Nieuw Land National Park, Waterloopbos woods (Marknesse), Land Art Flevoland, Schokland World Heritage Site, Urk, New Town Almere, Lowlands Festival Nearest Airports: Lelystad Airport (LEY)