Live Cams in Bonaire

Bonaire, Netherlands

Bonaire is a Dutch island that lies north of Venezuela in the region called Caribbean Netherlands. Surrounding the island is Bonaire National Marine Park, a world-class diving destination. The park includes the inhabited and wonderful island of Klein Bonaire, 2700 hectares of coral reefs and mangrove vegetation. On the live webcams you will see amazing images from this beautiful island offering splendid beaches and coves, and other natural wonders such as caves, lava formations, salt flats and the famed mangrove area at Lac Bay. There are also an abundance of animal life including donkeys, iguanas and flamingos. For bird-watching, Washington Slagbaai National Park is the recommended place. At the lively capital, Kralendijk, you will find a colourful town centre and a delightful seafront with views to Bonaire Cruise Port.Population: approximately 20 thousand peopleCapital: KralendijkOther towns: RinconMain attractions: coral reefs, beaches, Klein Bonaire, Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire, Pekelmeer Flamingo Sanctuary, Lac Bay Nearest Airports: Flamingo International Airport/ Bonaire International Airport (BON)