Live Cams in Puebla

Puebla, Mexico

The state of Puebla is on the uplands of central-south Mexico. Its capital is also named Puebla, known for its Spanish colonial architecture, and for its excellent cuisine such as the spicy mole sauce. Interesting towns to visit include Cuetzalan and Zacatlán. This state has a wealth of stunning mountainous landscapes, forests, springs, lagoons, dams and impressive volcanoes. Population: 5.78 millionCapital: PueblaOther major cities: Tehuacán, Izúcar de Matamoros, Cholula, TeziutlánMain attractions: Puebla city downtown(Zócalo), Los Fuertes, Puebla Cathedral, Star of Puebla, Palafoxian Library, Casa de Los Hermanos Serdan, Amparo museum, International Museum of the Baroque, Los Sapos (art district) Ex-Convent of Santa Rosa: Museum of Folk Art, Cholula downtown, La Malinche National Park,  Popocatepetl volcano, Tlatlaquitepec village, Tuliman cascadesNearest Airports: Hermanos Serdán International Airport (PBC) Watch sites of this state in real time here, on our webcam-sharing platform!