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Colima, Mexico

The Free and Sovereign State of Colima (Estado Libre y Soberano de Colima), or simply Colima, is a state of Mexico with the capital with the same name, Colima. The mainland is situated on the Western Mexico, on the Pacific coast, and bordering the states of Jalisco and Michoacán. Colima includes the Revillagigedo Islands, declared a marine reserve and situated 720 to 970 kilometres west of Manzanillo. The largest cities in this state - Colima and Manzanillo are tourist destinations, with attractive beaches, natural landscapes and landmarks.Population: 711.23 thousand inhabitantsCapital: ColimaOther major cities: Manzanillo, TecománMain attractions: beaches of Manzanillo, Downtown Manzanillo ( El Centro), Colima Cathedral, Museo Universitario de Artes Populares María Teresa Pomar, Revillagigedo Islands, Nevado de Colima Volcano National Park, Archaeological Zone El Canal, El Salto Waterfall, Sierra de Manantlán Biosphere Reserve, Santiago Peninsula, Manzanillo Bay, Parque de la Piedra Lisa, Comala townNearest Airports: Licenciado Miguel de la Madrid Airport or Colima Airport (CLQ – Aeropuerto Nacional Licenciado Miguel de la Madrid)Watch this state in real time on our webcam-sharing platform!