Live webcams in Saitama Prefecture

Saitama Prefecture, Japan

Saitama Prefecture (埼玉県) is located on Honshu island in Japan, and is part of the Greater Tokyo Area. It shares borders with Nagano Prefecture to the west, Yamanashi Prefecture to the southwest, Tokyo to the south, Chiba Prefecture to the southeast, Gunma Prefecture and Tochigi Prefecture to the north, and Ibaraki Prefecture to the northeast. This prefecture is popular for a day escape from Tokyo. Visitors will enjoy the enchanting historic temples in Kawagoe, vast tea fields in Sayama, odd museums scattered throughout the region, and many stunning public parks, such as Ōmiya Park in the capital city of the same name, Saitama. The Rail Museum, one of the region's most popular attractions, is located in this major city. The live webcams in Saitama will show you some interesting places.In and around the city of Chichibu, the most visited area by tourists, you will find scenic mountains and rich nature.Population: approximately 7,8 million people Capital: Saitama Other major cities: Kawagoe, Kawaguchi, Tokorozawa Main attractions: Railway Museum, Hikawa Shrine, Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, Kita-in Temple, Mount Buko, Heirinji Temple, Higanbana field at Kinchakuda Park, Ōmiya Park Nearest Airports: Tokyo International Airport (HND - 東京国際空港)