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Pärnu, Estonia

Pärnu County (Pärnu maakond), located in southwestern Estonia, is characterised by its extensive coastline to the Gulf of Riga — we suggest you take a look at Pärnu Beach through the live beach cam. The city centre has an interesting network of rustic roads, such as Rüütlitänav (Knight Street) with exquisite buildings along the ways dating from the 17th to the 20th centuries. This mostly rural county is composed of small villages, agrarian fields, and swamps over the Soomaa National Park. Once there, you will have the chance to take a ferry and visit the islands of Kihnu and Manija (also known as Manilaid), both reflecting the Estonian culture.Population: approximately 82 thousandCapital:  PärnuOther major cities: SindiMain attractions: Pärnu beach, Downtown Pärnu, Liu lighthouse, Pärnu Mud Baths and Spa, St. Elizabeth’s Church, Soomaa National ParkAirports:  Pärnu Airport (EPU - Pärnu lennujaa), or the near Tallinn Airport (TLL - Tallinna lennujaam), with more flying options and car rentals available within the facilities, thus making it easy to get to Pärnu City.