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Chiayi County, Taiwan

Chiayi County is situated in southwestern Taiwan bounded by mountains and bathed by the Taiwan Strait. It surrounds Chiayi City, which is not included in this administrative division. Chiayi County is best known for its three national scenic areas each distinctive, namely the Alishan National Scenic Area - featuring the world-famous Alishan Forest Railway. This county is mainly rural, featuring stunning landscapes and outstanding viewing spots such as Taiping Suspension Bridge. Chiayi County is a significant tourist destination in Taiwan offering, besides its wonderful landscapes, cultural and historical experiences.Population: approximately 525 thousand people Capital: Taibao City Other major cities: Puzi CityMain attractions: Alishan National Forest Recreation Area, Siraya National Scenic Area, Southwest Coast National Scenic Area, Dongshi Fisherman's Wharf, Budai Salt Fields, Budai Tourist Fish Market, Aogu Wetland Forest Park, Zengwen Dam, Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum, Taiping Supension Bridge, High-Heel Wedding ChurchNearest Airports: Chiayi Airport (CYI -嘉義航空站)Check Webcamtaxi to watch Live Webcams of the best spots in Chiayi County!