Live webcams in Lucerne

Lucerne, Switzerland

The canton of Lucerne (Kanton Luzern) is situated in Central Switzerland, on the northern base of the Swiss Alps. The capital is Lucerne, a city on the banks of the Reuss River and beside the stunning Lake Lucerne. 
This city offers natural wonders such as waterfronts, a marina and a lakeside park. It also features exquisite historical landmarks namely the Chapel Bridge - a covered wooden bridge erected in the 14th century. From Lucerne you have views to the imposing Mount Pilatus as well as to Rigi mountain massif of the Alps. Discover the live webcams in the area of Lucerne - Luzern in German.The canton comprises small towns, and vast areas used for agriculture. The tourism in Lucerne is significant, often a gateway to the Alps.Population: approximately 410 thousand peopleCapital: LucerneOther places: Kriens, EmmenMain attractions: Lucerne Old Town, Lake Lucerne, Mount Pilatus, Swiss Transport Museum, Chapel Bridge, Museggmauer (city walls)Nearest Airports: Zurich Airport (ZRH - Flughafen Zürich)