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Stavropol, Russia

Stavropol Krai (Ставропо́льский край) is a province (a krai) of the European Russia, in the North Caucasian District, divided into 26 raions and 10 cities, in an area of more than 66 sq km.This krai has a continental climate, with temperatures in January reaching around minus 5 degrees and in July over 22 degrees Celsius.The Caucasian Mineral Waters Region, within Stavropol Krai, is the most popular health resort region in Russia due to the abundance and variety of mineral springs (thus, the richness of the waters), making many cities, such as Kislovodsk, a health tourism destination.Stavropol Krai has also many natural resources, such as natural gas and oil, being prosperous in industry and agriculture — a land of abundance and beauty shared through these live cameras.Population: More than 2,700,000Capital: StavropolOther major cities: Pyatigorsk, Kislovodsk, Nevinnomyssk, YessentukiMain attractions: Kislovodsk Park, Gora-Koltso, Narzannaya galereya, the Observation deck at the Valley of the Roses, Yaroshenko Museum, Narzan Natural SourceNearest Airports: Stavropol Shpakovskoye Airport (STW – Аэропорт Ставрополь Шпаковское), Mineralnye Vody Airport (MRV - Аэропорт Минеральные Воды)