Live Cams in Sakha Republic

Sakha Republic, Russia

The live webcams will take you around the Sakha Republic, Russia's largest federal subject in the Far East, and along the Laptev and Eastern Siberian Seas of the Arctic Ocean. Sakha (Саха Өрөспүүбүлүкэтэ, Саха Сирэ), also called Yakutia and Yakutiya, is the largest country subdivision in the world and includes the New Siberian Islands and Henrietta Island.The capital city, Yakutsk, is a port city on the Lena River among hills, and is considered the world’s coldest large city. Built on continuous permafrost, Yakutsk has a special attraction: the tourist centre "The Kingdom of Permafrost", which was once used as a giant cellar for food storage. Another major attraction in the city is the Mammoth Museum, which displays millennia-old fossils of woolly mammoths.
Among the largest cities in Sakha is Mirny, where the Mir mine is found, a huge open pit diamond mine, 525 metres (1,722 feet) deep.The region has vast and diverse lands, including forests, thousands of rivers and lakes, magnificent mountains, and the incredible Yakut Desert.Among the many protected areas is Pleistocene Park, a remarkable initiative to recreate the mammoth steppe ecosystem while also serving as a habitat for major herbivore species.Population: estimated 1 million peopleCapital: Yakutsk Other major cities: Mirny, Aldan, Neryungri, LenskMain attractions: Lena Pillars Nature Park, Permafrost Kingdom, Orto-Doydu Zoo, Mammoth Museum, Yakut State Museum of History and Culture of the Northern Peoples, National Art Museum of The Republic of Sakha Nearest Airports: Platon Oyunsky Yakutsk International Airport (YKS - Международный аэропорт Якутск имени Платона Ойунского Платон Ойуунускай аатынан аан дойдутааҕы Дьокуускай аэропорт)